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Oct 31, 2012 4:00pm EDT
of springer financial advisers and brian piscarowski and doug, thank you for joining us. how did the markets handle the first day back after that two-day shutdown from your standpoint? >> well we had a compressed three days into one, did a fine job. there wasn't much going on. i think investors are being neutral going into the election. we had a little bit of a pullback i feel because it's factoring in a romney victory, he said he would get rid of the stimulus, which would not be all the best news for this market, which i think is stimulus addicted. we got the fiscal cliff it's dealing with. for the most part it handled it really well. i'm expecting a good rally after the election after a tough october i would think we'll rally to new highs after the election, but with that earnings, investors have to be careful here and like what we're doing for our clients you need to pare back risk at that point, being wary of what the market will do next which is probably not pretty. >> happy you have your san francisco giants gear on. >> that's right. >> world series parade today, some happy times in th
Oct 5, 2012 4:00pm EDT
,000 jobs today and they have one-tenth the size population. >> wow. doug, weigh in on the jobs numbers and what it means when it comes to investing in this market. >> the answers on the panel so far is why the market keeps going higher. everybody sees the clouds on the horizon. we all know what's wrong with europe. we all know the economy isn't recovering as fast as it could. in the end, you're getting paid 1,000 basis points in equity risk premiums. that's what you make over the risk-free rate to invest in stocks. i think in the end investors look at bonds and cash and say, what are they going to do for me and my retirement? they're not going to do anything. stocks are the only thing that can deliver those kind of returns. i think in the end the market grinds higher. in the end, there's way too many people who see all the clouds on the horizon and reasons for not investing. i think in the end the market hurts the most people the most often, and most of them are on the sideline. >> that's what we've seen throughout the year. all the skeptics who insist the fundamental don't match what
Oct 22, 2012 4:00pm EDT
agree with caterpillar ceo that it's rhetoric around china? >> well, doug is a great partner of ours and we work together very closely. i do agree with what he says. this opportunity that our country and the opportunity has to benefit from global growth and it's being led by china now is critically important. i understand the need to deal with china so that free trade is also fair trade but i think it's really important that we find ways to work together to deal with the issues that we're facing. >> what do you think in terms of the economics? the landscape right now. i know this has been an engine of growth for your business and engine of growth for the world. we know there's a slowdown. what do you see on the ground from business today? >> there's a slowdown. chinese government took steps last year to reign in inflation and that appears to be having the desired effect. china continues to consume copper in infrastructure projects and they're taking steps to stimulate their economy and we're successful in replacing our copper concentrates and other products into china and we're very
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3